local partner.

Right Strategy, Right Solution.

Our ongoing solution partnership with Sur International, which is operating in Sudan, is producing uniforms and uniform fabrics for military government and security forces, as well as all services we provide in global trade.

Sur International

Products prepared for world markets ...

The cooperation process that we started with our consulting service continues with the purchasing of the cotton and other technical equipment required for yarn production. We also provide a logistic support service that enables the delivery of the purchased materials to be delivered to the factory without any problems.

After the completion of the factory production, we are making all the necessary quality control tests for the product and making the product ready for the world market. We also ensure the satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer by fully completing all the details and procedures in the process of reaching the buyer.

We take on the burden of our customers at every stage from purchasing to paying, creating opportunities for presenting their brand to the world.

The opportunity to become a global brand ...

Semi Energy

Arma support to energy…

For all of Sudan's largest hydroelectric power plants built at Semi Energy in Garri, the entire supply of raw materials, filters, water tanks, water treatment systems and equipment was officially carried out by Arma Project Based Services.

Sur Construction

Everything needed ...

For Sur Construction, which undertook the largest hospital building project in Sudan, all necessary purchases from A to Z, such as building chemicals, tower cranes and scaffolding systems, were carried out by Arma Project Based Services.

Tahe Mining

The value given to mining...

The Arma Project Base Services provided the heavy-duty machinery and drilling equipment and equipment needed by TaheMining, which is in charge of gold mining operations.

Bomani Restaurant and Cafe

The power that creates prestige ...

The entire procurement process of BomaniCafe, one of the most prestigious locations in Sudan, was carried out by our company. All purchases from kitchen equipments to food and signboards were officially realized by Arma Project Based Services.

Semi Medicine

Healthier service ...

The purchasing services of Semi Medicine Company, which is engaged in pharmaceutical production, distribution and medical equipment trading for different markets of the world, was officially given by Arma Project Supply Services.