World's local partner.

We pave the way of World Trade.
We offer continuous, reliable and profitable trade opportunities in both supply and marketing.

Benefits Provided


For each new demand, we pursue a deep analytical approach and define the needs of our partners. Worldwide surveys are conducted for these items on the basis of quality, cost, and time. Only after that, purchasing is made by protecting the benefits of the partner company.

Logistic Services

We consummate all official procedures for transporting the raw materials or materials purchased. The logistics process that from the loading of the products to the transportation and preferably to the delivery to the warehouse is completed with the assurance of Arma Global Trade.

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We set up an expert marketing team with detailed information on the product to ensure the development of an efficient marketing process. The price and product mix of the target markets are determined and connections are established. In line with the efficient marketing strategies conducted by Arma Global Trade, the products are delivered to their buyers at different points of the world. By this means, the product becomes a global brand without the need for any intervention of the partner company.

Effective Solutions

We offer effective and easy solution options to our partner companies in almost every issue and provide freedom of movement in payment methods. In accordance with that, the payment can be made in cash or with the products manufactured, besides the use of different local production as payment instruments within the scope of the available opportunities.

World's local partner.

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